US Most Valuable Stamps (Part I)

There are many reasons why a stamp might get notoriety and an eye-watering price tag that reflects a serious collectors desire to add this stamp to their collection.

Stamps have proven to be a reasonable alternative investment when you look at some of the returns gotten over a period of time and if you have the opportunity and the cash to get any of these top ones, you will probably be a very happy philatelist.

Inverted Jenny

Inverted Jenny Stamp

A little chance of acquiring this rare and valuable stamp. There were only a few issued and one of them is on display at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum.

With a face value of 24 cents and a few as 2 dollars, these stamps are at the top because the biplane featured in the picture was printed upside down in error. Each one is estimated to be worth at least $100,000.

Though, since only one pane of Inverted Jennies has ever been discovered, the design has later become a highly valued prize for philatelists, raising the price up to $200,000.

In October ‘14, the plate block of four Inverted Jenny stamps sold for $2.97 million at a New York action to the U.S. collector Bill Gross.

Abraham Lincoln Stamp 1867

The 1867 Abraham Lincoln stamp has a really rare “Z” grill that has distinct horizontal ridges rather than vertical ones that were a common feature in other grill types.

In light of the real rarity aspect of this stamp and its importance during the Civil War period, it is valued to be worth somewhere around $200,000.

1c Benjamin Franklin Stamp

The stamp was distributed in 1867 and is a rarity due its rare and unusual “Z” grill with horizontal ridges, similar to the Abraham Lincoln stamp.

There are only two known types of this U.S stamp in existence and each are worth somewhere near $1 million.

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