Things A New Collector of WWII Military Memorabilia Needs to Know

Follow these tips when collecting WWII memorabilia.

Beginning a WWII military memorabilia collection might seem like an unnerving effort. Where do you start? Who can you trust? What’s even out there to start with? These are all questions any collector has asked him or herself at one point. Here are a few tips that any new WWII collector must know before beginning a collection: 

  • The genuine collecting of original WWII military items is not that difficult to do. When you have discovered one or two dependable sources, there is no need to look endlessly through numerous Craigslist listings, websites, misleading eBay auctions, etc. You’ll use your precious time more effectively and not have the typical pitfalls that novice collectors have.
  • You don’t have to spend hordes of money to have a representative collection of memorabilia. Within the realm of collecting German, US, or Japanese items, there are over 100’s of genuine examples of belt buckles, cloth insignia, medals, etc. Many are priced below $100.
  • Collecting original WWII souvenirs can be educational, exciting, and enjoyable as you find out more about this vital part of our history and our involvement in these events that have formed our world.
  • The internet has given us a huge amount of information and is the highway to practically every movement, detail, battle, daily event, campaign, and personality during this period. Look for this info and see what areas pique your interest. When you pick what areas you’re really interested in, you may decide you’d like to collect actual items related to that.

Have fun and don’t fret. The crucial thing is that you are purchasing from a source you trust who answers your questions, offers you professional smooth transactions, and most significantly, a guarantee regarding originality. This way you understand you have a solid investment.


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