Surprising Places to Find Valuables

The industry that junk removal company providers operate in is a strange one. While people will always have too much stuff about the home, we gladly call someone to come take it away for us.
However, in the process, you may be missing out on some valuable metals and coins. In fact, before the trailer shows up outside of your door, you may want to give your junk a final inspection.Antique Place Settings
We all have that box of stuff we’ve been kicking around that grandma insisted that we take. However, all these years later and you’re wondering why you’re still taking up space with these boxes.
However, items such as silver candlesticks, gold-lined items, even some silverware and plates are worth a small fortune. Before giving your antiques the heave-ho, make sure you aren’t tossing true silver away.Old Coins Fetch a Pretty Penny
Before you roll your eyes at a jar of old spare change, you may want to consider taking the time to inspect each one. Although tedious, it will ensure that you aren’t missing out on an opportunity already in your possession.
Older coins are worth more than newer ones because of the metal blend used to make it. Some coins are worth twice as much as what they should be, while others are worth hundreds based on their condition.

Tuxedo Pockets
If you find yourself charged with the task of clearing out someone’s closet, take the extra time to dig through the pockets of dress clothes. We all leave things in suit pockets, from loose dollar bills to antique pocket watches.
That is especially true of homes getting prepared for estate sales. If a nice set of evening wear hasn’t made it out of the house in a few years, there could be a surprising souvenir from their previous outing.

Flip Old Flip Phones
Most of us get a new cell phone every year. Do you ever wonder why you’re not supposed to toss your old one in the garbage?
In addition to the toxicity of the battery and other components, your phones are chock-full of precious metals. Although not everyone has access to the equipment to extract them, you have gold, silver, titanium, and other precious metals, all in the palm of your hand.

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