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Hobbies should be a crucial part of everyone’s life, particularly in our highly abstract and passive world. There are some advantages to having a favorite pastime, a hobby.

Collecting delivers feelings of ownership and pride that are even bigger than owning items. We know what we have

Antique Shops are a great place to start!

is at least something unique. Everyone has furniture, bestselling books, a television. Not everybody has a great vintage men’s magazine collection. Our collections have a special place in our hearts and become one of our most treasured possessions.

The pride of a collection is a pride that is difficult to come by in other hobbies such as gardening or reading. While you get a feeling of accomplishment with other hobbies, collecting brings you a sense of victory, especially when you’ve found a piece you’ve been searching for your whole life.

How to Start a Collection

Pick your poison. First, you clearly have to choose what you’re going to collect. Lots of times this isn’t really a conscious choice, but something passed down through a family or a random item that catches your eye on a trip which then becomes a collection.

Start with the commonplace. You have to throw a wide net when beginning your collection. You need to begin with common pieces that are low-cost and will shape your collection’s foundation. As you’re doing your homework, you’ll come to find those common pieces. Think of it as a pyramid. There has to be a basis before you can move up into rarer pieces.

Do your homework. Before going in whole hog, do some research on what you’re collecting. Regardless the item, it’s almost certain there are fellow collectors out there. There are websites for any collection you could think of. So get online, do some searching and decide where to start.

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