How to Start an Antique Store Online or an Auction for Antique and Vintage Collectibles (Part II)

You can visit antique shows or thrift stores to discover collectible treasures.

Antique shows – Don’t disregard going to antique shows, even if you feel everything is going to be overpriced for resale. Yes, this idea is not without truth, but you might end up coming across a seller with items that are outside their area of expertise, and therefore put them for sale at a more satisfactory price. You don’t want to miss the chance to see what you might discover at antique shows. Moreover, antique shows are good places to introduce yourself, encounter new dealers, and do some market research.

Thrift stores – In order to get a good find at your local thrift store, it is helpful to create a rapport with employees of the store. Be friendly and nice to them, making certain they know what types of collectibles you are on the lookout for. Leave your business card and ask them to contact you in case items you may be interested. 

Though, never limit yourself with a shortlist of events and/or sources. Always be ready to run into new people, visit new places and events.

Who Might Assist You?

After you discover what is considered to be a collectible, and where to get it, it’s time to resolve one another issue: how do you guess the authenticity of collectibles and price them accurately?

If you are already trained in this area, you have no concerns. If not though, it is wise to engage with an individual who is skilled in estimation. This can help safeguard you against mistakably buying fakes.

Evaluation of antiques and collectibles is done by specialists called appraisers. These experts typically have formal education in the field of art history, economics, law, or fine arts. It might be a fine art expert, auction house, or museum employee. Many of these experts form appraiser associations where they can be effortlessly found.


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