How to Collect Teddy Bears (Part V)

As your collection grows, you’ll have to find a space to put your teddy’s. 

Insure the collection once it becomes valuable

Things happen, like fire, burglary, flood, your child’s crayons, etc. Getting insurance is a way of at least getting back some of the value of your valuable collection should the inconceivable happen. If you’re going to put money into items for collecting, insurance must always be a part of your costs

Displaying your collection

Make space for your collection

The more bears you collect, obviously the more space you need. Unlike coins, stamps, or trading cards, bears take up lots of space. Therefore, you have to think about where they can be placed and whether you can give up a corner of a room in your house for putting the bears on display. Once you have serious collector numbers, the bears will start to take over.

Pick a proper display case or shelving for the teddy bear collection

Display cases or cabinets behind glass are great. They aid in keeping off dust while offering shelves for the bears to be organized on. Also, the glass lets everyone view it with ease. Shelving can be used as well. However, if it’s open to the air, you’ll have to dust off the teddies on a regular basis.  Lockable display units can be practical to stop the intrusion of little dirty hands. 

Know what not to do when displaying bears

The following things should be regarded when displaying teddy bears:

  • Don’t display them in open sunlight or close to a heat source. Both will make the bears deteriorate and/or fade.
  • Make sure that moths can’t get to your teddy bears. There are lots of moth-ridding resolutions you can use around the teddy bears. Don’t put any chemical substances on the teddy bears themselves.
  • Keep the bear display area clean. Frequently clean the display area and softly brush away dust from the teddy bears.

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