How to Collect Teddy Bears (Part III)

You might find your next collectible bear at a toy auction.

Check auctions 

Both real-time and online in-house auctions (particularly toy auctions) will usually have an assortment of bears that you can search through and decide to bid on. Don’t forget to stay within your budget and have your highest bid set. Don’t let your emotions overtake your budget when bidding on bears. Regardless of how rare that bear, remind yourself if it goes over your highest bid point that there will be some other jewel of a bear that you can meet the expense of some other time. It might not be the same bear, but you’ll have a complete budget.

Ask for donations of teddy bears

This might result in bears that you’re not so eager on, but it is a way to get teddy bears that might have a long history and could be either very valuable or sentimental or valuable. Ask loved ones to donate any of their unwanted teddy bears to you.

Leave “wanted” messages on sites like Freecycle or any other forum online where asking for freebies is okay. Put an ad in the newspaper asking for unwanted teddy bears for your collection. Be aware that folks might expect to be paid if you advertise, so make it clear that it’s just donations.

Be wise to the crucial things about collectible bears 

Even if you’re just collecting bears for non-monetary reasons, it’s still vital to get bears that are worth the money you spent for them. This article details some of the things to take notice of, particularly if you are parting with a good amount of money for a collector’s bear.

Check the bear’s features

The older the bear, the more its features might have altered over time, diminishing its collectible value. This isn’t to say the bear isn’t worth having. It just means that the price has to be fair. 


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