How to Collect Teddy Bears (Part II)

A teddy bear collection could put some money in your pocket eventually. 

Discover as much as you can about collecting the sort of teddy bears you’re collecting. 

This is vital since it helps you to work out if you’re paying a good price for teddies you’d like to add to your collection, as well as knowing what to look for when it comes to accessories, tags, etc.

Get a teddy bear identifier or guide. This is a book with very good photographs of the types of teddy bears along with detailed information about the background (the date, height, manufacturer, country of origin, etc.) and other info that assists you in identifying the bears. Get a couple of these from various decades. Things change over the years and even current books might be missing some critical information. 

Sadly, as with any sort of collectibles, there are phonies when the stakes are high. By understanding what things have to form the parts of the teddy bear, you are more likely to realize how to spot fake teddy bears than someone who hasn’t done their research.

Buy teddy bears direct from the retailer or manufacturer 

For modern bears that are still being made, these sources are your top choices. Always retain your purchase receipts. If you have any issues with the teddy bear, you can return the bear and either ask for it to be repaired or replaced. 

Check out flea markets, antique stores, and thrift stores for older bears 

You never know what you may find in any of these sources. Therefore, this entails plenty of rummaging and hope. It’s fun to look in these places as you might discover a very special teddy.

Get acquainted with your local antique sellers who stock toys like teddy bears. If you let them know what you’re looking for, several of them will be eager to keep an eye out for you when they do their purchasing. It’s an extra source of help for your collection.

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