How to Collect Teddy Bears (Part I)

Teddy bears and one of the cutest collections you can have.

Teddy bears have been collectibles for a long time, from the classic to a simple home-loved collection of teddies one has found here and there over time. It doesn’t matter what your reason for collecting teddy bears, there are many things to think about when doing so, from picking the bears through to keeping them in mint condition and exhibiting them correctly. Collecting teddy bears can be a lifetime’s passion if you decide to get into it in a big way. Or, it can just be something to do for fun.

Decide what type of collection you’re interested in having. 

This may be contingent on your interests, regardless if you have a purposeful or sentimental collecting intention in mind. Ultimately, the why and the how you desire to collect teddy bears is completely up to you. It is just when you want to be sure that your collection is valuable that you want to pay more attention to some of the guidelines about careful collecting. Some examples of possible ways to collect teddy bears include:

Collect teddies that you like. These don’t have to be valuable, just attractive and kept in good condition. They can be bears from Build-a-Bear or other bear businesses. They can also be any teddy bear that you just happen to like. While classifying a bear collection is okay for some folks, being diverse in your bear choices or driven to own as many teddy bears as possible are just as okay reasons for your collecting style as honing in on a specific style or type of bear.

Collect teddies with sentimental value. This means keeping the teddy bears that you and loved ones have owned over the years. 

Collect teddies that have a value from the start. For instance, Boyd Bears, Vermont Teddy Bears, Steiff Bears, Bearington Bears, Mary Meyers, Gund, or Care Bears.


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