How to Clean Antique Area Rugs with Products and Tools From Fort Worth Carpet Outlet

There’s something about the distinctive charm antiques have that just can’t be duplicated. Case in point: Antique rugs are the simplest way to instantaneously energize a room and bring an appeal to any space. The only issue is keeping them clean. Luckily, most antique area rugs can be cleaned with tools and products found at a Fort Worth carpet outlet.

Dos and Don’ts for Antique Rugs

Rugs that have been flooded accidentally must be attended to ASAP. Little rugs can be put outside and hung over a railing or put on the grass to dry in the sunlight. For bigger rugs, a water vacuum can be used, followed by the use of a hairdryer or space heater. Again, the carpet must be completely dried, front and back. Therefore, keeping it raised is suggested. Also, getting the antique rug professionally cleaned is advisable.

It’s advised that stain removal home remedies aren’t used. They can create discoloration and irreversible dye runs. Additionally, chemicals must never be used. If the above technique doesn’t work, call a professional carpet cleaner for spot cleaning.

Potted plants must never be put on top of your antique rug, even if the pot has a water basin under it. It is still probable that moisture that gathers beneath even a leak-free pot can get into your rug. This produces serious mildew damage to the foundation.

How Often Should You Use Your Cleaning Products and Tools from a Fort Worth Carpet Outlet?

Quality antique rugs don’t need a lot of maintenance. They don’t shed like new rugs. Thus, it’s a typical mistake to over-vacuum than not to vacuum enough. You only need to vacuum your rug once or twice a month, every couple of months, turn the rug over and clean the other side. Don’t use a rotary vacuum. It can break down the rug fibers.

Instead, use the suction attachment, vacuuming from one side to the other, leaving the fringe alone, so it’s not destroyed.

An excellent way to see when your antique rug needs to be professionally cleaned is by hitting a part of the rug. If dust clouds come up, you need to contact a professional carpet cleaning. With antique rugs, this is usually every three years. If you love collecting antique rugs, then these tips will help make them last for years to come!

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