Can Old Magazines Be Valuable Collectibles?

Collecting old magazines is a great way to also collect events that were considered important throughout time.

Are you aware the 1st American magazine was published in 1741? The General Magazine, co-published by Benjamin Franklin, had only six issues.

Though that 1st magazine didn’t remain around for long, the idea certainly did. There are basically hundreds of magazine titles all over newsstands every month and this trend has lasted for years. Now, apps such as Texture make reading existing magazines an interactive experience on portable electronic devices too. 

With so many issues made, can a magazine ever truly be considered collectible? The response is yes and no. Some magazines are truly collectible, others aren’t.

Which Magazines Are Collectible?

Many individuals think that magazines related to critical news stories or events are vital since the topic is or was so crucial. For instance, there are several magazines that covered the John F. Kennedy assassination. 

Though these magazines truly fit into an exciting topical category and probably one that stays very controversial with different conspiracy theories making the rounds, many of these Kennedy-related periodicals would possibly sell for $25 to $50 in good to mint condition through a specialty show or paper collectibles store. If you feel that sounds kinda low, think about a few things before drawing a conclusion.

This is right for several historical events and applies to saving newspapers too. The election of President Obama is an example of a noteworthy story in the more current past. So many folks saved periodicals during this time. They may have sentimental value, but they might never be worth much money. There are a few exceptions. Therefore, it’s wise to research every historical magazine individually to rule out a gem before deciding whether or not an item is truly collectible.

Which Magazines Are Valuable?

Many older periodicals could have some value based on how many folks want it. For instance, to those who collect sports memorabilia, getting a copy of the 1st Sports Illustrated magazine published in 1954 can be a true treasure. They certainly sell for thousands in good to mint condition.

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