Best Antiques Stores and Auctions (Part II)

Consider the price of the online store. 

If we are talking about auction sales, it is difficult to pass by Sotheby’s and Christie’s without mention. The two worldwide giants in the realm of auctions have more than 85% of the global market of collectible and antique auction sales. Being established in the 18th century, both have formed their strong reputation offline, and continue doing what they do best which is online auction sales. Take a look at their websites to see how impeccable they really are.

One of the projects in a similar e-commerce area is the WordPress-based jewelry store, Gilded Lab (read our case study for more information). Started in 2016, this store lets users not only buy liked items but also make their own jewelry designs. Users can pick the metal, design, and finish (shiny or matte) as well as make a model with preferred engravings and gemstones. The customer gallery is available all the time and prepared to inspire the shopper to make their own bespoken product.

Antique Online Store Cost

The price issue is crucial for any business plan. So, how much does it cost to create an online antique store? There are really two choices: you can use template themes or get a custom development from scratch. 

Creating an online store consists of collecting the store’s requirements and their analysis, front-end and back-end development, and the server set-up. The time spent on every phase will differ depending on if you want to build a store from scratch or use a ready-made theme and your planned budget.

It is not hard to build an online antique shop. It doesn’t matter if you are taking your first steps in this business or you’ve been involved in it for some time. Though, beginning an antique business is even simpler with qualified assistance.

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