Best Antiques Stores and Auctions (Part I)

These antique stores and auctions might have your next treasure in store. 

Now, armed with knowledge, here’s a look at the best online antique stores:


Launched in 2001, 1stdibs is the most famous antique store with a huge range of goods of any kind and type. First, a resource for interior decorators to discover exclusive pieces in a short time, 1stdibs became an antique marketplace, bringing together over 1,500 international dealers who specialize in fine art, design, and collectibles. In 2014, 1stdibs’ grossed over $1.1 billion.

Working as a dream for any antique hunter, 1stdibs can provide fine jewelry, rare pieces of furniture (maybe you want an armchair going back to the times of Louis XIV?) or vintage ball gowns (like Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone with the Wind”). Additionally, 1stdibs has a mobile app to let you purchase collectibles everywhere.

Outside of the normal sorting functions that go by type of item and name, 1stdibs lets users sort by project type (family home, beach house, or apartment) and style (Art Deco, Rococo, Gothic, etc). In addition, it has blog which offers visitors inspiration and explains new trends in design.


Started in 2013, this interior design marketplace doesn’t focus on just antiques or vintage but has an impressive collection for customers. Functioning in four US cities (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas), Viyet is well-known due to its experts (who are predominantly alumni of big-name auction houses), who choose the offerings and examine them before listing on the site.

The range of the products here are contemporary and vintage high-end furniture, accessories and rugs, paints, and chandeliers. Viyet ships all around the globe, giving white-glove delivery and flexible payment plans for customers.

Viyet sorts by rooms (bedroom, dining room, foyer, office, outdoor) and trends (mid-century, modern style, metallics, vintage gems). Users can get assistance via live chat support and read articles by designers sharing ideas.

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